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Can You Steam Off Gel Nails?

Steam Off Gel Remover Machines – Do They Really Work?

Removing gel polish isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Keep reading to find out how to use a Steam Off Gel Remover machine easily & effectively!

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home The Safe and Easy Way

Do you have gel polish on your nails that you’re desperate to remove? While it’s best to go to the salon for a removal, sometimes life happens and you don’t have time for that. Keep reading to find out how you can remove gel polish at home the right way! Quick Navigation What You’ll NeedStep […]

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What Is A Structured Gel Manicure

Structured Gel Manicures – Why You Need To Get One Now

Have you heard of structured gel manicures? Keep reading to find out why we’re obsessed with them – it’s the only gel mani service we offer at our salon!

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Hard Gel, Soft Gel, or Gel Polish: How To Choose The Best Gel Service for Your Nails

Repainting your nails constantly is time consuming and frustrating. So is ruining your perfectly painted nails the moment you leave the salon. You want your manicure to last longer. However having your polish smudging or chipping is inevitable as you use your hands constantly throughout the day. So what can you do? Give gel nails a try! They […]

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A Complete Guide to Press On Nails

Remember when press on nails were, well… tacky? Corny? The nails your mom would NEVER let you out of the house with on? Well, there are now more sophisticated options that resemble a real manicure while still being fun. Many celebrities such as Ariana Grande switched to press-on nails during quarantine and they are slowly gaining […]

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