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Are Eyelash Serums Safe?

How Safe Are Eyelash Growth Serums? What You Need To Know

Did you know that some eyelash serums have permanent side effects? Keep reading to find out how to choose the safest lash serum for you.

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The Truth About EyEnvy and Lash Growth Serums

April 2022 Update – EyEnvy Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioner has been recalled by the Government of Canada, and we no longer sell this product at our salon. This post contains affiliate links. This means that we’ll make a small commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Check out our new post on the safety of eyelash […]

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YUMI Lashes Lash Lift

As a lash artist, I thought I’d seen it all. That was until I got my first Yumi Lashes lash lift and literally gasped when I looked in the mirror. I’ve never seen my natural lashes look this good before!They went from stick straight, thin, and downward-facing to curled, plumped up and, dare I say, […]

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Lash Lift vs Lash Perm: Which One Is Better?

Lash extensions can give you perfect looking lashes, but what if you can’t keep up with the maintenance and cost? Enter: lash lifts and lash perms. Recently, salons have been buzzing about these newest lash procedures in town. These two treatments aren’t identical, though. There are benefits to each one, depending on the type of curl you’re […]

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Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions: The Simple Reason Why Lifts Are Better

Men and women are equally likely to have long eyelashes, yet longer eyelashes are strongly associated with female beauty. Female cartoon characters have long lashes, drag queens use oversized lashes… there are many theories for why this is. For one reason or another, longer lashes make your eyes look wider and more sexually appealing whatever your […]

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